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We help software teams to make better decisions

Less bias, less noise, fewer errors in every choice.



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Software companies are unique places where the best decisions can lead to billion dollar outcomes. 

When we watched various leadership and cross functional teams debate ideas day to day, and make decisions about their products, we were frustrated by how many of those conversations were poorly debated, influenced by cognitive biases, logical fallacies and flawed decision making, despite those teams describing themselves as very logical.

We asked ourselves, is it possible to coach teams into making better decisions more often and reduce down errors in judgement? This training program is designed to increase the effectiveness of your decisions, encourage healthier and more constructive debates, and through that, build more successful teams and organisations.

How it works

The training is designed to increase the critical thinking and overall decision intelligence capabilities of the team, by using real problems you face today. 


We do some general team building exercises, cover psychological schemas and look at the theory of how good decisions are made.

Bias & Noise

Then we cover two key concepts, noise and bias, and  show how these concepts influence our decisions with real examples you face today.

Logical Fallacies

We go deep on logical fallacies and general debate skills. Our goal is to help you have debates that are more logical and constructive.

Decision frameworks

We look at the seven steps of bulletproof problem solving, and unpack how to solve problems in a structured and systematic way.

Payoffs in choice

We look at some concepts from game theory & statistics, and show you techniques to evaluate pay-offs for certain choices and how you can apply it in your team.

In practice & forever

Finally, we reflect on the barriers to making these changes longer term within your organisation. This helps the learning stick for good.

"What do you think happens if you take the science of decision making seriously?"


"Complex problem solving is the core skill for the 21st Century"  
- Charles Conn, Author of Bulletproof problem solving

logical fallacies

Learn to spot flaws in your arguments as you debate out key ideas.

Applied game theory

Learn to break down trade-offs in each of your decisions with context.

cognitive biases

We know what bias is, but can we reduce its impact in our decisions each day.

thinking in probability

Learn to think in probabilities, not absolutes and visualise it usefully.


Want some inspiration?


Key techniques in our program are covered in Noise, the new book written by Nobel Prize winning behavioural economist, Daniel Kahneman


How effective is it?

We measure the effectiveness of your teams before and after the training, so the decisions you make in the long term are significantly better, and the training sticks for good.

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