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Homo Decidus

A game to increase the decision intelligence of your team. Less bias, less noise, better choices.


Increase the quantity of good decisions for your team

Homo Decidus is a simple card game designed to help teams have better debates and arrive at quality decisions.


It works by helping players identify logical fallacies in their arguments and see bias when present through simulated scenarios.


Players then learn to actively listen to debates and identify areas where the arguments are falling into logical traps.


Over time, players develop this muscle into a regular practice, helping them make more logical debates part of their day to day activities. 

How it looks

The cards are designed with hand drawn illustrations and colourful backgrounds which make the cognitive biases easily recognisable and fun to play. 

Better decisions through play
We designed this game to help teams better identify logical fallacies in their workplaces through simulated interactions.

How to play the game?

Learn how to play Homo Decidus and the entire origin story of the game. The rules are simple enough to learn in a few minutes.


How to buy?

The game is included for free as part of every training package we offer. 

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